Kimola Cognitive API requires that you authenticate by sending an API Key with each request to grant you access to the API.

Every account has its own API Key. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register at our website.

Kimola Cognitive API"s Authorization header uses the Bearer scheme so it expects for the API Key to be included in every API request in the Authorization header with a value of “Bearer” and followed by the key itself.

Authorization: Bearer [YOUR_API_KEY]

This is what it would look like for getting trained models in the api using Python:

my_request = requests.get('', headers={'Authorization': 'Bearer your_api_key'})

Receiving 200 as requests status code indicates that the request is successful.

Receiving 400 as request's status code means there is no API key in the request header. If you provided an API key, please check your syntax.

Receiving 401 as request's status code means there is an API key in the request header, but invalid.